Keyword Discovery and Taxonomy


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  • How To Perform Keyword Discovery
  • Creating A Competitive Website Taxonomy
  • Helpful Video Tutorials
  • Keyword Placement Strategies
  • Concise Definitions of Confusing Terms
  • Search Volume Tools


The Problem Hound Keyword Discovery Report and Taxonomy Template include instructions for researching and organizing search terms from existing web analytics, Google Search Console “Search Analytics”, and creating an aggregate of keywords sending traffic to competing domains.

Your deliverable to your client or management team will be a sitemap containing a list of every possible web page that could support primary keyword targets and drive incremental “long tail” keyword traffic to a domain.

To our knowledge, very few agencies or consultancies offer this service, as it’s the most tedious and time-consuming strategy requiring critical-thinking and a profound understanding of user search behavior (intent) for appropriate segmentation and organization. If you can learn how to build website taxonomies, you can charge upwards of $20,000 since the report is inclusive of every potential traffic driving page and keyword that can be used for a business.

A taxonomy build is typically a foundation of content based on how users search the Internet for content, it is the taxonomy that will drive infinite traffic, provided the content itself offers the best user experience compared to competing for web pages.

Imagine for a moment that you had a list of every search term your competitors were on the first page of Google for. Now imagine that list broken into primary topics and later broken into semantic keyword clusters. Then image those topics and clusters organized into a massive content expansion list within a sitemap, accompanied by an optimization guide to assist in ranking those new pages.

Our taxonomy template and guide teaches you how to perform an exhaustive study that can take 60-90 days to complete but has produced websites generating upwards of $24 million per year.

Below is an example of stair manufacture website with one prefabricated product, turned into a full website build on search term data and insights (full list included 100+ new pages):
Buying and learning these Keyword Research Report and Taxonomy templates will propel your SEO business light years ahead of the competition.


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