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In this template, you'll learn how to build an inclusive link analysis and provide a strategy that no other freelancer or agency would come up with

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Google made it clear that the two most important ranking signals are Content and Links to Your Website. Our keyword discovery and taxonomy template can help you with the content focal point and this Link Analysis and Strategy template is the perfect starting point to assist you with a professional link earning campaign.

What’s Included?

In this template, you’ll learn how to build an inclusive link analysis and provide a strategy that no other freelancer or agency would come up, including the following:

  1. Find and identify questionable (toxic) links, provide examples
  2. Analyze internal linking structure and make recommendations
  3. Run an intersecting link audit to discover and categorize common links competitors have
  4. Find and report unlinked mentions, the easiest link building technique
  5. Use or be inspired by our Creative Link Strategies
  6. Present a plan on how to leverage upper-funnel content to attract links
  7. Get a 60-day free trial on an industry-leading link management platform (save $200!)
  8. Get copies of our most successful Outreach Templates

Check out how our clients are earning links and cleaning up negative links over time below.

Popular Retail Website (Watch Industry)

Local Personal Injury Firm

Another PI Law Firm

International Restaurant Franchise

Still Not Convinced?

Call us at (562) 732-4417 and ask to speak with one of our search marketing consultants. We’re happy to share additional case studies and references.

About the Author

Steve Wiideman has been studying Google algorithms since the late 90’s. He watched and learned as much about PageRank as possible, including how Google uses internal links to understand important content on your website, outbound links that could put a page at risk of penalty, and how links from external websites can benefit keyword rankings.

From the early days of search, which Steve refers to as “the Wild West of SEO”, nearly every tactic was tested, exploited and put through a qualification process before it was allowed to be part of this Link Analysis Report and Strategy he has used for hundreds of clients over the years.

Steve has helped companies as large as Applebee’s with handling depreciated links to popular content, and with finding new link opportunities through existing relationships and creative content marketing themes. While he’s no Link Moses, like the late and great Eric Ward, he is known to be the guy “who always finds an angle” and won’t take “no” for an answer.


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