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Our template bundle for search engine marketing practitioners is the perfect end-all solution for agencies and freelancers looking to offer the most comprehensive strategy possible.

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Our template bundle for search engine marketing practitioners is the perfect end-all solution for agencies and freelancers looking to offer the most comprehensive strategy possible.

We started building this template in 2007 and have evolved it over 10 years working with some of the largest enterprises on the planet. The enterprise SEO experts at Wiideman Consulting Group have used this exact same package for companies such as large as Applebee’s, Homes.com, Skechers USA, Technicolor, Public Storage, Zoho, Meineke Car Care, California Closets, PackIt, Belkin, Linksys, and others we can’t mention due to NDAs.

The world’s largest and top-ranking brands, and now you have the exact same templates that drove the search engine optimization strategies they use to drive and improve traffic.

SEO Checklists & Templates Include:

  1. Technical SEO Template
  2. Competitor Analysis Report
  3. Link Analysis & Strategy
  4. Keyword Discovery and Taxonomy
  5. Local Online Marketing Guide
  6. Online Reputation Management

How Much Can I Sell a Full SEO Strategic Plan for?

Brands pay from $7,500 to $15,000 for a one-time SEO Strategic Plan, and it’s worth every penny. Do the math, when technical SEO improvements are made, ranking and sales go up. When questionable links are removed and new links are earned, rankings and sales go up. When new content is added, optimized to rank for an array of highly-searched keywords, traffic improves.

If a business earns even a low $200 per transaction, they need only make 37 new sales from all that incremental traffic to break even. If organic traffic doubles, along with respective leads, that could mean dozens to hundreds of new clients for your customer.

For you, as the buyer of our amazing templates, your ROI on just ONE sale in 30 days is a 1,152% Return on Investment, a $6,901 in profit for you. Model your proposal off of our proposal presentation and you’re off to races.

Why Our Templates?

The exact same templates used for brands the author has worked with are included in our bundle, with accompanying video training and tools we used to audit and build our strategies with. That’s right, you’ll be using the same templates used for Fortune 500 brands to build your own SEO strategy. If that’s not a compelling enough reason, call us and tell us what would be. You can reach us M-F 8am – 5pm PST at (562) 732-4417.

We hope you’ll enjoy using this bundle of SEO templates as much as we’ve enjoyed making them!

About the Author

Steve Wiideman has been studying Google algorithms since the late 90’s. He watched and learned as much about PageRank as possible, including how Google uses internal links to understand important content on your website, outbound links that could put a page at risk of penalty, and how links from external websites can benefit keyword rankings.

From the early days of search, which Steve refers to as “the Wild West of SEO”, nearly every tactic was tested, exploited and put through a qualification process before it was allowed to be part of this Link Analysis Report and Strategy he has used for hundreds of clients over the years.

Steve has helped companies as large as Applebee’s with handling depreciated links to popular content, and with finding new link opportunities through existing relationships and creative content marketing themes. While he’s no Link Moses, like the late and great Eric Ward, he is known to be the guy “who always finds an angle” and won’t take “no” for an answer.


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